(This part never changes, no matter the sale!)

Ok, so here’s how it works. First we’ll arrive at either your home or a killer outdoor location we’ve chosen together and get started right away. I know that most kids needs a little time to warm up to a new person with a big ol’ camera in their face (most adults do too!), so we’ll start with some traditional shots. After that we’ll focus on interacting with one another in your favorite places or doing your favorite things.

Maybe we’ll get some quiet snuggly moments, maybe we’ll get some wild bouncing off the walls moments, but we’ll absolutely positutely get everyone loving on one another because what I’m inspired by the most is what brings a family together and that is always love. 

Jacobs Family-6861.jpg

Will the session go perfectly? Wellllll, no. It probably won’t. But I’ve been doing this long enough to expect that to happen and to remain completely un-phased. Your kids are no crazier than my own, your home no messier than mine, and your life no less beautiful than everyone else's.

Chesky Family Spring 2018-5058.jpg

Build your own package. Get everything you want and nothing you don’t.

All sessions are $195 + the prints and/or files you choose. The session includes up to two hours of shooting. Prints, digital files, and albums will be available for purchase when your images go online after our session. (Your images will be available for purchase online for a minimum of 4 weeks.)

Maybe it seems odd to pay in stages, but the beauty of this setup is that you can actually SEE YOUR PHOTOS before you decide how much you'd like to invest. Seems only fair, don't ya think? 



SALE PRICING is for a limited time only!

Sessions must be booked in June or July of 2018 to take advantage of the sale. (Mini sessions are already discounted and therefore not eligible.) All sessions are $195 + the prints and/or files you choose.


LOW RES $50 OFF!!!
entire gallery (downloadable + ready to print up to 4x6 size) | $195

(Now $145!!!!)

HIGH RES $75 off!!!!
entire gallery (downloadable + ready to print up to 11x14 size) | $275

(Now $200!!!!!)

entire gallery (downloadable + ready to print ANY size) | $350

(Now $250!!!!!!) 


 PRINTS 20% off

4x6 | $10
5x7 | $15
8x10 | $20
11X14 | $30
16x20 | $47
20X30 | $67

11x14  |  $200
16x20  |  $270
20x24  |  $350

*other print/canvas sizes available upon request! 


So there ya go!

 To book a session the only payment due is the $195 session fee. CONTACT me to make it happen! Or see more work HERE. :)