aw, shucks... 

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I was so nervous about my kids misbehaving and having it captured by a paid professional. But, even among the craziness that is my kids, Rebecca managed to get TONS of amazing pictures of their true, wall hangable, wee selves.


Let's be honest, at least when it comes to family photos that include young children and toddlers, a photography session can be stressful and exhausting. Rebecca makes the experience easier, as she's wonderful with children and just a lot of fun! She also eases the stress you might be feeling as a parent--you know, the parent watching her children act crazy and run around as she worries about the pictures she is going to get because her kids just refuse to cooperate--because she's relaxed and confident behind the camera. Rebecca knows she's capturing great photos and memories--even when you think there's no way that's possible--and she makes sure you know that so you can just relax and let your kids be kids :). It's an overall fun experience that I personally look forward to every time!

McCarney Family-6764.jpg

Chesky Family-2-8.jpg



I was worried about how the pictures would come out and that I wouldn't know what to do for them, but you took the lead and told me where to go/how to pose and the pictures came out fantastic! You were great at making the situation comfortable and fun and made sure my pictures looked the best they could. You had a gentle and kind demeanor that made the session really enjoyable!


My biggest fear was my kids! They're very unpredictable. One day they'll sit and smile sweetly, the next they are a blur. But now I have no fear because every session has gone so well. Rebecca does such a great job engaging with my kids and and getting genuine, happy smiles from them. I often have one picture in mind that we always get, but the other photos she snaps along the way are all amazing!!

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Gross family (newborns)-3814.jpg


Rebecca was so helpful and spent a lot of time working with us to make sure we got really beautiful pictures of my family. There is no one else you should have photograph you and your loved ones. Rebecca is warm and fun and takes the absolute best pictures. Her love for photography and family shines through in every photo. 

You should totally message Rebecca to do pictures at your house because a) it documents your house - which even if you put as little effort into as I do (aka zero), you love and want to remember. b) it is the most stress-free experience ever - the kids don't have to hold a pose or say "cheese" and you and your spouse don't have to come up with a pose or try to look natural. Rebecca suggests poses to give you something to do, but then captures you in your natural state when you don't even realize it. c) her pictures are pure magic. light and bright and cheerful and full of love. and professional. we've done the self-timer thing. we've done the ask a friend who is dabbling in photography thing. we've even done the professional, but posed style. nothing compares. Rebecca captures your real selves in your real lives and that's something you're going to want to remember.

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Cessna Family-1187.jpg

Rebecca has magical powers. She can take a family with chronic eye blinkers, camera shyness, and animal-like behaviors and create art. She makes it look easy and kids love her. She totally gets kids!! She even helped us with what to wear. A dream! I will love these pictures always. They are such a wonderful little time capsule and capture our family exactly during this season.