Please, please, please, I beg of you... 

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decide right now that you’re going to enjoy the shoot. Just tell yourself that it’s going to be great and don’t let yourself be stressed about it before, during or after our session. Just don't. Ok, easier said than done, but I’m going to help. For starters, you don't need to tell the kids to say cheese or look at the camera. I'll take care of the kids and promise to tell you if I need help. I go at their pace and take extra time if needed.  To be honest, I kinda need to take over a bit so that I can get everyone doing what I need them to.  And just a warning, I might also ask you to do something weird...  just go with it. What do you have to lose? It might be super weird and not turn out, but at least we'll get a good laugh along the way.

I want to sincerely capture your connections and love for each other, so the more you interact as if I’m not there, the better. I get that it’s a little awkward at first, but if you shake off the jitters and bring some energy to the session it’s gonna be pure MAGIC!

But Rebecca, what on earth am I supposed to wear?!?
— not an actual quote, but I'm sure tons of people have said it

Ugh. Picking outfits. Been there, done that (as you can see by my family photo right there!!). 

It’s THE WORST. Right?!?! Here’s what I know... No one wants to look like they tried too hard, but no one wants to look like a slob. There's this little sweet spot in the middle that we're all looking for. So you gotta try a little, but can’t overdo it. 

So, the first thing you’re going to do is let mom pick out an amazing outfit that makes her feel beautiful. Then everyone else is going to get dressed in something that works with her outfit. Easy peasy!

Ok ok ok, still not so easy. Here are some other things that usually work/don’t work. They aren’t hard and fast rules as much as they are food for thought.

Proof that I've been in your shoes. (I almost wore Jeans, but am so thankful I went with this feminine maxi instead.) Photo by Brooke Schultz

Proof that I've been in your shoes. (I almost wore Jeans, but am so thankful I went with this feminine maxi instead.) Photo by Brooke Schultz


-textures - ruffles, tweed, thick knit, etc

- fitted clothing. Baggy clothes tend to just make you look bigger than you are

- maxi dresses and long skirts for mom. They’re kinda the perfect balance between looking gorg and still being able to move around

- layers! The camera loves accessories, scarves, cardigans, tights, vests, etc. Those things can really take a nice outfit and make it something special

- a little extra makeup. The camera dulls makeup just a tad, so a little bit of extra oomph helps!

- patterns. Who was it that told people they couldn’t wear patterns in photos? I’ve got a bone to pick with them! Florals, stripes and dots (among other things) are all wonderful, interesting details that add interest to your look!

- bare feet (one less wardrobe item to pick out!)





-bright white. I know white is easy when you’re stuck on what to wear, but at least try to go with ivory or cream because they’re still neutrals but photograph better

-anything with words/logos or neon

-matchy matchy. I guess it’s easier to just have to pick one outfit and be done, but it’s a hard no. You’re better than that!

-boring. There’s no need to play it safe. These are family photos, not a brain surgery. You’ve got wiggle room and creative liberties here. Use them!

-forcing it. Little girls look so flingin’ flangin’ cute in hair bows, but if your daughter always rips hers out, don’t build her outfit around it.

-anything that doesn’t feel like “you”. Who cares that the color scheme matches if you don’t look like yourself???? If you want to make sure you love your photos year after year, make sure everyone is involved in what they’re wearing and is happy with the choice.

I know it’s not easy. I also know it’s helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of, so SEND ME OUTFIT PICS! That’s what I’m here for my friend! Rather than bug your family, why don’t you just bug me? I love it, they don’t… seems clear to me! :)


Ok, so there probably aren't any dads reading this part, but ladies, we can't forget about them. Most dads show up to their family photo session with this information

-We're getting family photos. 

-I have to wear this shirt. 

Chances are good they think it's going to be the worst hour of their life. They're willing to do it because they love you, but they're very much NOT looking forward to it.  So, do them (and me!) a favor and give them a heads up about what to expect. If they don't want to read my website, fine. At least copy+paste this into a quick text and forward my instagram or even a screenshot of a photo you like. 

Travis Family-9996.jpg
Hey handsome! Our family photos are coming up. Don’t worry, the photographer said it won’t be stiff, uncomfortable posing. We’ll basically just hang out with each other, play with the kids and no one has to say cheese to entire time. I think it’ll be fun. Check out her photos so you can see what I mean. Love you!