summer family photo session
Summer Photo Session Child Photography Portrait


Sweet summertime is upon us! Want to squeak in a short little mini session in the fun golden glow of everyone's favorite season?

Me too!

These are really quick, really simple sessions designed to supplement your annual family photos with some traditional everyone-looking-at-the-camera updates and a bit of play... ok ok ok, a lot of play! This is perfect for families who love being outside together and wanna savor the feeling of summertime with their favorite people.  


(aka: how much is this and what do I get?!)

These limited time mini sessions will take place on Thursday evenings from mid May through mid August. Each shoot will take place outdoors in Carlisle. The exact spot will be chosen by me a week before the shoot based on the weather and what's lookin' purty at the time. Sessions will last up to 20 minutes and will include a gallery of at least 25 (but probably a bunch more!) edited images that are ALL yours to keep! You read that right, you get to keep them all. No picking and choosing. THEY’RE ALL YOURS!! Fee is $250 and includes everything.

It's one day a week only, 2 sessions max and when they're gone, they're gone, so....


Contact me to set something up, either via my website or email! (


*Obviously weather is unpredictable and summer is notoriously tricky. If it’s yucky on your day, we’ll just reschedule for another weekday! It’s certainly annoying when it happens, but it’ll be worth the hassle, promise!!