Come learn with me!

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In-person Q & A

Wanna pick my brain about posing? Wanna bounce ideas off of someone who will give you un-biased, honest-but-loving feedback? Wanna find out how I do what I do? Wanna talk about the ideas behind what I do and why I do it the way I do it? THIS IS FOR YOU. We’ll meet up at a local coffee shop with comfy seats and cute decor and we’ll talk about everything and anything you want to know! | $300


In-Person Q & A + Real-live Practice!

Want all the brain-picking of the Q&A plus some hands on practice? As in, we’ll photograph actual people together to try out all the things we talked about AND THEN we’ll look through our images to debrief about what we did well/what we could do to improve in the future. So basically I’ll walk you through my entire shooting process from start to finish AND I’ll hold your hand the whole way so you can do it without feeling terrified. | $500

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Continuing Support

Have you ever been to a workshop or mentor session and been too overwhelmed with new information to ask all your questions right away? Then you go home and think of a million things you wish you had said/asked?Well this follow-up is perfect for that. It’s available to any previous mentees who want to come back for more. The beauty of this add-on is that you can do it at your own pace, when the time is right for you. So if you go home, process everything and now want to explore a certain topic even more, we can do that!. Or maybe you met with me a few months ago and you’ve been out shooting, but eventually hit a plateau - we can catch up when/if that times comes! Or it might just be that you need a safe and loving place to go with all your thoughts, say hello to your #1 cheerleader. Whatever you need, let’s reunite! We can face-time, chat on the phone or meet up for a power-lunch (or two!) to get you going again! | $100/month

Wanna know a secret? Learning with me is different because I’M AN ACTUAL TEACHER!! As in, I have a masters degree is educational development & strategies and 10 years of teaching experience under my belt. I’m not just a photographer with a passion to help others, I’ve got real-life training in how to execute that passion. Have you ever known someone who was brilliant, but couldn’t figure out how to break down their knowledge into bite-sized pieces for a beginner? That’s not me. You’re in good hands with me, promise :)