Mommy + Me | Carlisle PA Children and Family Photography

She said, "I'm not totally sure if my house will work well.. If you're up for the challenge, so are we!" And I knew right then I loved her. I understand being unsure if you're house is right for photos COMPLETELY, but I do love when someone trusts me enough to go for it anyway. Juliana and I both live in a pretty rural area of central PA. There are some mansions and million dollar homes around, but mostly, it's normal people with modest homes that were built a long time ago. This is not to say the houses aren't nice. Oh no no no. Around here, people put so much love into their homes, regardless of size. I see so much character in these homes. They weren't mass produced at lightening speed with zero effort to be unique. Sure some of us have really bold seafoam green tile in their bathrooms (ahem, me!), but the personality and one-of-a-kindness that only comes with time, attention and love.

Spending time with this adorable little mommy + me duo showed me, and hopefully Juliana, that her home is gorgeous. Perfect? Nope. But filled to the brim with love. Giving time, attention and love is clearly something she excels at... with her home and her little boy. Seeing them together felt like a gift. These two make my heart smile.  

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Mechanicsburg PA Family Photographer

This beautiful mama knows how to woo a photographer. Her email to me mentioned their 15 acres of land, the fields of wild flowers about to bloom, the pond, the chickens, the cute kids and her willingness to try whatever I had up my sleeve. Ahhhhhhh DREAM COME TRUE! 

Years ago I walked into most of my sessions waiting to be told what to do by the family/senior/couple who hired me. Now I realize that's a disservice to the kind people who are trusting me to photograph them. You know what I do instead? I pay attention, I listen, I learn and then I take all that wonderfulness and mush it together with all the ideas I have in my head about what it means to be part of a family. The beauty in the chaos, the deep love between two parents trying to get from one nap to the next, the silliness of kids... those are the things I personally love about families. I go into a session ready to tease magical little moments out of my clients through games and activities that help people feel comfortable enough to be themselves. You may have ideas in your head about what you'd like from your session, but you definitely don't need them. I HAVE PLENTY! You can show up with nothing more than an open-mind and open-heart and I'll take the wheel from there. 

This family... they were the perfect mix of silly, happy, in love and trusting. They let me do my thing and trusted me even when I made somewhat odd requests. :) It was, without a doubt, one of my most favorite evenings this summer!  

Happy Birthday/Here's To You, Mama | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

You know, they grow from tiny little things that cannot do anything for themselves other than poop and eat into walking, talking, climbing, drooling, clapping, dancing awesome little people. And the amount of growth in that first year is remarkable. Really, truly remarkable. 

You know what's more impressive to me though? The growth of that mama. The one who in just  a year's time went from caring for 1 person (herself) to living and breathing and actually sustaining the life of 2 people (herself and her babe). It's hard to imagine what it'll be like and, in my experience, there's nothing anyone can say or do to adequately prepare you for the transition from being YOU to MOM.

It just takes a lot of time, a lot of practice and a whole heck of a lot of g r a c e. 

So I for sure want to say "Happy birthday, little one!" but even more importantly, "Here's to you, Mama!"


Eshelman Family | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

This family. You guys! SO CUTE!!! And they were just so kind, relaxed, positive and easy going too. Basically, they were a dream. Oh, and their house: equal parts unique and cozy, historic and modern. I could have spent hours exploring all the thoughtful details. You know, one of the secret perks of photographing families at home (aside from the fact that everyone is so much more at ease), is getting to sneak a peek at how people decorate and organize their space. It's my favorite! Anyway... I'd love to share some of the photos from this adorable in-home family session because it makes my heart happy. Your home doesn't have to be perfect or even squeaky clean to make some magical photos... it just has to be alive with you + your favorite people. Ok ok ok, I also need at least 1 window. But that's it!! 


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