A Good and Perfect Gift

I’ve said it before, but only because it’s so true. Being welcomed into the sweet newborn bubble is one of the best perks that comes with this job. When parents are still figuring things out and not letting just anyone through their doors quite yet, I get to come in and soak it alllllll up. The snuggles and the laughs and the questioning looks of “is this normal” and the yawns that come from being up all night and the “can you get me some water, I’m dying of thirst!!!” that comes with nursing and the dividing up the tasks between spouses as they figure out a system - I get to see it all. AND I LOVE IT.

Having gone through those first days 3 times with my own kids and having those kids grow up (against my strict orders to stay babies forever!!!), I both remember it like it was yesterday and also can’t believe I ever lived like that!!!

My morning with this new family of 3 (sorry Milo. I meant 4!!!) was so much fun. It was equal parts sweet and funny and tender. It truly felt like being with old friends even though it was our very first time meeting!! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to document this time of change in their lives. What a gift!

I can this for you too, by the way. CONTACT ME (here) to chat details and put something on the calendar :)

Moments like this of you and your family deserve to be documented!! CONTACT ME (here) to chat details and put something on the calendar :)

When You Need It the Most | Mechanicsburg PA Family Photographer

Last year I started a project where I took a self portrait of me and my three kids together once a month. I will admit I didn’t finish out the year with my goal, but that’s not the point! The reason I share is that in the time I was doing those self portraits I learned something important.

The days I was struggling.
The days I didn’t want to be in a photo.
The days I felt like a bad mom…

those were the days I needed to be in photos with my kids the most. When I took the time to be creative (for me creative time is always soul-filling!), to be happy (forced or not!) and to focus on the kiddos (without any distractions), I almost instantly felt better.

But that’s not where the goodness ends, because later I actually SAW the photos.

I saw their little arms around me.
I saw their smiles.
I saw MY smile.

I saw how much they love me, imperfections and all. Not every individual moment of motherhood feels amazing, it just can’t! So, having tangible proof that I can look at and SEE THE LOVE… It’s priceless!

Often times we think the best times for photos is when the kids are perfectly happy and we’re in a great place feeling good about our weight and our hair and our home. But I don’t know. I think the best time for photos doesn’t actually exist. Every time is a good time for photos. It’s easy to agree to them and sign up for them when you’re rockin at life. But don’t count out the magical healing powers love-filled images to have on an open heart that could use a little TLC. Just sayin!

If you’re thinking your heart could use a little photo-magic-TLC, reach out HERE and/or check out my other family work HERE!

summer capsule | Carlisle PA family photographer

It was a gooooood summer. So many fun memories with friends and family fill my mind when I think about. But also, so many fun memories working lots of amazing people too. I know everyone’s always saying how lucky they are to have this job, but ya know what? It’s because we really are so lucky as photographers. Our job has plenty of hard parts, but it has so many perks. The people we meet, where we get to work (hello gorgeous summer sun!) and the service we get to provide to families - what more could we ask for?!?

This summer I tried out some Magic Hour Mini Sessions for the first time and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results if I tried. It was the best decision of the summer, without a doubt. And that’s saying something because my family did an ice-cream tour of Carlisle where we taste-tested ice cream from all the local creameries…

A few of my summer favorites are below. Thank you Summer of 2018, for all the goldeny delicious memories.

Wild Child | Carlisle PA Family Photography

I have always been a saver of good quotes - even back in high school I would write down lyrics that I heard on the radio in a notebook to look over later. Back then the lyrics to songs didn't just pop up on my phone while I was streaming them. Mostly because I didn't have a phone sooooooo it was impossible.  

Anyway.... in the age of pinterest I now have my own board of quotes that speak to me. Heavily favored on that board are words of wisdom by Dallas Clayton. I have cried more times than I care to admit reading his books to my children and am constantly inspired by the messages he sends to the world.  

A recently found and newly favorited one that makes me feel all the warm fuzzies about my children: 

You're a peach
You're a poem
You're a piece of the past
You're the perfect position
You're the glistening
glass of the beach
Turned and tumbled
by the swell of the sea
You're the best bit of beauty
a being could be



October 2017-7607.jpg

Brothers | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

One thing they're always teaching you in photography workshops or online tutorials (and something I teach moms in my How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids lessons), is that you really shouldn't keep more than one of the "same" picture. I guarantee you do it. We all do it. You take a bunch of photos of your little cutie being... well... cute. And guess what? They're all keepers because, for once in her life, your crazy little girl smiled right at the camera and gave you a big cheesy grin over and over and over. Of course you just snapped away while she did that - it was solid gold!!! But afterward, I'm not kidding, you should delete all of those except 1, maybe 2. Even if they're all good, you can't keep them all. What are you going to do with near duplicates of one good photo? Nothing. You aren't going to print both. You won't post both. You shouldn't keep both. 

Unless of course you want to break your own rules (insert that arm raised emoji here) and keep more than one. I love the story these three photos tell when put together. What it's like to be the older brother, what it's like to be the younger brother, what it's like to have a built in best friend to get in trouble with all day long...