All of Us Together | Camp Hill Family Photographer

When asked where you’d go if you could go anywhere, do you ever just want to say “HOME”? Because that’s my answer. Time and time again. I could try to change my answer to be more cool and adventurous, but I can’t think of a single place I’d rather be than just quite simply, with my family. Even better if it’s in our home.

Call is sad or lame or pathetic or unworldly or unadventurous or whatever you may, it’s my answer. And I can’t change it. Nor do I want to…

I’m never happier than when it’s all of us together. Home is my happy place!

If I had to guess… I’d say home is this family’s happy place as well. Every inch of their home and every second of the time we spent together was bubbling over with pure joy, acceptance and love. See for yourself!

And maybe even touch base with me about getting photos of your happy family in your happy place :) Contact me HERE!

New One, Plus One | In-Home Newborn Family Photography

As a former member of the 2 Under 2 club, I can remember the way it felt to bring home a new baby while still caring for your first baby. Simultaneously exciting and wonderful and scary and exhausting and overwhelming… the fact that I remember it so well made this session very dear to my heart. Well, that and the fact that Lauren said to me at the very beginning how much she loved my relaxed approach to photography and had been looking forward to this session for so long. Yessssssss! Music to my ears!!!

I know we’re going to create awesome photographs together when my clients can tell me they’ve actually been looking forward to their session. Coming into the whole thing with excitement is key! I’m not saying you can’t also feel nervous and/or stressed because that’s certainly very common - hello wildcard little kids who can say/do/eat/destroy anything at any moment!!

BUT! If at least one of the many emotions prior to our session is excitement, we’re in really good shape!

I’m so happy to have been invited into this family for a morning and to have gotten to document the blossoming love for the newest member of the family. From personal experience, I know these first weeks home with a new one, plus one are a COMPLETE BLUR. It makes my heart happy to know we bottled up some of these early moments for the future. <3

If you want to bottle up some of your own family’s love and wonder and joy, CONTACT ME right here!! I’d love to do this for you, too!

Ok, gonna say it one more time, just in case :) If you want to bottle up some of your own family’s love and wonder and joy, CONTACT ME right here!! I’d love to do this for you, too!

Cow Lick | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

I know it seems like people are always saying “This might just be my favorite session ever!” And while I find myself starting to type that all the time, I always have to delete it because I start to worry that I’ll make someone else feel bad. Like, if THIS one is my favorite session, what about the one I just did last week? Are they going to think I don’t like them anymore? And does me picking favorites make this some kind of dumb competition for my love? Because I can’t have that! No way. Not gonna do it. Can’t have a favorite. Won’t have a favorite!

I mean, truth be told, I realize that no one else really cares that much, but I do. And I’d like to be clear: I love all my clients and all my sessions for different reasons. There is not one single session that’s exactly like the other, so it’s easy to love them all. 

This one, for example, took place in Perry County where I grew up. I often get teased for being from such a rural location, but I’m so Perry Country proud that I don’t ever care!!! Being here and shooting this session made me nostalgic for my childhood. It was so gorgeous. The family was so humble and kind and loving. The kids were free to run and play and be free. IT WAS AMAZING. It almost made me want to up and move my family to the country. 

Almost. When I remembered that we had to drive AT LEAST 30 minutes, if not 45, just to go grocery shopping as a kid, I decided that I’d just like to do more sessions in good ol’ PeCo so I can soak up the country family goodness while I’m there and then go back to my 10 minute grocery commute (that still feels so long some days!). 

Anyway...  you won’t catch me saying that this is my favorite session ever, but I absolutely WILL say that I 110% loved every second of this family session and totally adore these people! 

Do you live in Perry County, too? PLEASE HIRE ME to photograph your family in your home! Do you live somewhere other than Perry County? It’s ok. PLEASE HIRE ME to photographer your family in your home... I love where I grew up, but I love lots of other places too. :) 

CONTACT ME (here) to chat about your very own family session. And/or take a peek at my other family work (here) to see what I’m all about.  :) 

Afterward | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

What do you do with your photos after your session? Let me guess... 

1. you get the gallery and look at it 100 times the first day. 
2. you share it with your friends and family
3. you change your profile picture
4. you talk about, maybe even obsess about, the ones you like the most
5. you say you're going to order prints
6. you get too busy and don't order prints right away
7. you kinda forget about the photos... 
8. a year later they come up in your timehop or FB memories and you start the process alllll over again

I know how it happens. I get it. I've done it. I actually do it all the time... but I'm working on getting better! So, can I make a suggestion?

Order 1 or 2 (or 3!) prints right away. Like same day! You can always order more, but don't feel like you have to wait to place one huge big order. I bet you can find a free shipping code somewhere so it really truly isn't worth it to hold off. Give yourself the gift of seeing your beautiful family every time you walk into the dining room, living room, hallway whatever. 

Then make a quick little coffee table style book of all the photos from the session. Yes, I know you want to make an album for each year and so really you should wait til the end of the year and put these photos in with the rest of them... except no you shouldn't. I mean, you can do BOTH. But it's really quick to just drop all the photos from one session into a book and have it over and done with. 

Printed pictures are enjoyed 10 million gajillion times more than photos on a device. In 2 quick steps you can have printed photos around your house right away. Maybe you'll get around to more ambitious photo projects later, but there's no sense in hiding the pics away on the cloud while you're waiting for that to happen. 

Now take a look at this gorgeous family's mini session and just try to tell me you wouldn't look at a book of these pics with a big ol smile on your face!!!  

Still | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

Over the winter "slow season" I made a goal for myself to do a better job honoring the beautiful relationship between parents within my family photo sessions. I know that most couples haven't had any portraits with their spouse since their wedding day and I just don't think it's right! While the main goal of a family session is obviously to capture photos of the FAMILY, I truly believe in setting aside a tiny slice of the session for the parents. The hard work that goes into raising a family doesn't usually leave much time for soft kisses, snuggles or reminiscing about your proposal story, but that doesn't mean those things don't matter. 

In an effort to grow the couples portraits side of my work, these two gorgeously in love guinea pigs, I mean, parents! let me come over to capture them together, in their home, WITHOUT KIDS. The littles ones were making all kinds of noises just on the other side of the baby gates, but you'd never know it... these two are pros! 

I'm not looking to start branching out into engagement sessions or wedding photography... not by a long shot. Prooooomise I'm still your trusty ol' family photographer chic, but I want you to know that I plan to focus more on the love between parents as an extension of what I already do within my family work.

So basically, brush your teeth before we start the shoot :)