Grace | Newborn Baby Hospital Photographer

Grace Newborn-9509.jpg

I know a lot of people this it's crazy or weird to hire a photographer for their hospital stay. They are afraid it'll be awkward. Or that they won't look good enough. Or that it's just too private of a time to invite someone in, but I just don't agree. I'm a HUGE advocate for hospital photos. As far as looking good - I'll help ya! As for it being a private time? Do you know how many nurses are in an out of your room every few minutes? And the part about it being awkward.... trust me, a nice lady taking pics of your baby for 20 minutes isn't going to be the most awkward part of your experience. :) 

Speaking from personal experience, this a time you never want to forget. I can't think of ANY other time in my life more important and also more of a blur. Think you were too excited/tired/anxious on your wedding day to remember every last moment? Just you wait!!! Think there are a million details from that you never want to forget? Wait til you see your newborn baby!! 

I'll never ever ever ever evvvvverrrrr tire of looking at my own newborn hospital pictures and I will never tire of documenting those first 48 hours for other families. 

You can see more of my fresh 48 sessions HERE and even CONTACT ME if you think it might be something you'd consider. No pressure... just write and ask me all your questions to see if it's a good fit for you. (It is!)