summer capsule | Carlisle PA family photographer

It was a gooooood summer. So many fun memories with friends and family fill my mind when I think about. But also, so many fun memories working lots of amazing people too. I know everyone’s always saying how lucky they are to have this job, but ya know what? It’s because we really are so lucky as photographers. Our job has plenty of hard parts, but it has so many perks. The people we meet, where we get to work (hello gorgeous summer sun!) and the service we get to provide to families - what more could we ask for?!?

This summer I tried out some Magic Hour Mini Sessions for the first time and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results if I tried. It was the best decision of the summer, without a doubt. And that’s saying something because my family did an ice-cream tour of Carlisle where we taste-tested ice cream from all the local creameries…

A few of my summer favorites are below. Thank you Summer of 2018, for all the goldeny delicious memories.

It wasn't that bad... | Camp Hill Family Photographer

Maybe one of my best reviews ever - "It wasn't that bad!" :) 

Ya know, it's easy for me to go on and on about how fun it is during my sessions and how it's a great opportunity to just love on your people, but the truth is: not everyone loves it. Some people actually dislike it. And I know they aren’t bad people - it’s just that we all like different things. (I mean, I've even heard rumors that there are people in this world who don't love chocolate. WHAT?!?!?!?) I guess it just goes to prove that you could offer up the sweetest, most delicious and creamy chocolaty treat in the world, but you'll always have people who don't want it. (And FYI: I’ll take theirs, is that’s the case.)

So, getting a "It wasn't the bad!" from a really kind guy, who loves his family but doesn't love family photos was a total win! And I know he wasn't trying to be rude when he said it. I couldn't have asked for a more cooperative model actually! He was just being honest. He probably dreaded family photo day, but after an hour or so with me in the house, he could happily report "It wasn't that bad!" - victory!! 

As soon as he told me, we all laughed and then I said I was going to put his review on my website. And I did. Because it really is one of the best compliments I could ask for :) 

Even though I slightly tortured some members of the family, it wasn't totally awful. In fact, for at least 1 of us, it was a freakin' blast!!! Because this family loves one another so big and they didn't hold back on any of it for even one second while I was there. Because of their amazing hearts, boy did we get some gooooood stuff from their session! Like an ENDLESS BUFFET OF DELICIOUS CREAMY CHOCOLATE good. 

Want some better than chocolate photos of your family?! CONTACT ME and we'll get right to it!! You can also see more of my delicious family work over HERE :) 

The Grass is Greener | Harrisburg PA Family Photographer


Not sure who said it, but if you're ever looking for wise words, look no further. I do best when I find short and sweet mantras to help remind me of simple truths that help focus my mental energy in the right direction and that's what this saying is for me. This family not only has this very quote hanging in their home (quote twins!!!), they're living proof that it's true. And ya know what? I think they've got the greenest grass in all of Central PA. Especially in the age of social media, it's so easy to look into other people's lives and covet what they have. What's not easy is remembering that behind every picture-perfect smile is a story. And most likely it's a story that includes some sort of struggle and hard work in addition to the shiny version of happy we get to see from the outside. It's good for me to remember that everyone has to work to get what they want, even if the instagram post doesn't talk about it. 

Basically, your neighbors' grass is green FOR A REASON. And sitting around wishing yours were green isn't going to change a thing. 

You've gotta water it! You've gotta do something. Anything. 

For me, on this busy day of motherhood/entreprenuership, that something is blogging this session that's been so patiently sitting on my hard drive for months and months. (How did I let that happen?! I mean, this family is just outta this world amazing in a million ways. And this session makes me smile so big!) No, this post won't change the world or turn me into the biggest, baddest, most famous photographer in the world, but it's something. And that's good enough for now! :) 

Interested in seeing your family on my blog several months after our session? (Just kidding! Or am I?) CONTACT ME and we'll get started chatting about all the deets! And get the scoop on my family work HERE while you're at it!  

Golden Hour Yumminess | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

I now present to you, the first of backyard summertime family golden hour yumminess!!  I'm not tryin' to toot my own horn by any means, I'm just so stinking excited for this beautiful family to have these photos because they are the perfect combination of light and family and summertime. I give all the credit to these beautiful people and to mother nature for working so perfectly together. No more talking! Enjoy!!! 


If you'd like your own family captured lovin' on one another in the glorious summer sun, let me know! CONTACT ME (here!) and we'll get to work!! 

Your Choice | Camp Hill Family Photographer

Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is choosing to love your life. The fact that it's a choice at all has been mind-blowing, but ever since I realized it's true, I cannot stop thinking about it.

And ya know, isn’t modern technology wonderful?! It allows us to be constantly (and super easily!) inspired by and connected with friends, family and even strangers all over the world with the help of social media. SO AMAZING! But, the problem is social media's evil step-sister named Comparison who robs us of joy so sneakily and so effortlessly that it almost goes undetected. Along with getting to see our cute nieces and nephews on the other side of the country, we get to see inside the homes and lives of people who are 10x richer/smarter/craftier/happier than us. And of course, they’re also all good people with good ideas so it’s not like we hate them. No! We’re “inspired by them” which means their posts catapult us into a frenzy of pinning, saving and dreaming. Someday, when we get a bigger house, we’ll do this. Someday when we’re skinnier, we’ll wear that. Someday, when we have more money, we’ll go there. Someday, when we can do all those things, we’ll be happier.

But what if we just decided to stop all that wishing and planning for “someday” and instead poured ourselves into TODAY? What if we decided to love our current homes for what they are and pinned things that will actually work within our own four walls? What if we decided to buy clothes that fit and flatter our current bodies, mom-pooch and all? What if we looked at the things we have enough money to do in lieu of the things we don’t? What if we stopped telling ourselves that we need x, y and z to be happy and instead chose to be grateful for what we have right now?

I've said this before, but I'll say it again... all the beauty and wonder and awesomeness of life is available to all of us at any given time. Yes, it's an effort: we have to open up our eyes, look for it and work for it. But it's there.  And we should be grateful for every single bit of goodness we have in our lives because it's a waste of energy to feel anything other than gratitude. Not because it's "the right thing to do" or because it's easy (it's not!), but rather because it just feels better to look around your life and think, “I’m so lucky!!” than it does to think anything else.  

This family made me feel grateful - to get to spend the afternoon in their gorgeous home, to be hired by them, to have gotten to watch their family grow over the years, and, of course, to be able to use my talents to bottle up what it feels like to be part of their family. I'm so lucky! 

I'd also be grateful to be your family photographer ya know. AND I just know without a doubt that you'll be grateful to have some awesome family photos of you and your favorite people. So go ahead and contact me here and/or take a look around my other family work. You won't regret it!