Magic up on the hill | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

Getting to spend time with and spy on moms and their kiddos - count it as one of my favorite things to do. I love seeing what other moms do when their kids pile on top of them or run away or ask the same question 100 times. I love seeing that I'm not alone. I love reassuring another mom that she's not alone either.

AND I love getting messages like these after I send over a gallery of golden images of a mama and her babes. Thank you, Shelby, for letting me know how much your loved your pics! 

"Oh my word! Thank you so much! I love them all and you made me feel so beautiful. And you captured my kids perfectly! I'm not sure how you captured so many wonderful photos! They're amazing! I HATE photos of myself because I never feel pretty in them. You made me feel beautiful! 😍  I love these!" 

"If I could have one photo that would showcase who he is, this would be it."

"Thank you for capturing my beautiful, adventurous, wonderful girl ❤️ I don't know how you did it, but this photo captures her personality so perfectly! I hope she never loses her adventurous, curious, free spirit."

This was such a fun session and the best part? We did it right up on the hill behind my house. It's one of my favorite places to photograph my own kids and I was so happy to share the magical spot with a friend! I'll share with you too. Or, better yet, I'll photograph you in your favorite, magical spot! CONTACT ME to start chatting about your own session and check out some other family work HERE

Golden Trees and Sister Kisses

Another holiday mini session that really, truly could not live on my computer any longer. We were gifted a gorrrgeous winter evening. I vaguely remember it being cold, but goodness these photos don't seem anything other than warm and fuzzy. Maybe it wasn't actually cold?! I don't remember!

I do remember these wonderfully smily little girls and their beautiful doting parents and driving home with a giant smile on my face even though I was all alone in the car and totally forgot to even turn on any music. I didn't notice the silence or mind the traffic because my heart was full to the point of bursting and my head was spinning thinking of all the sweetness I was able to capture for this lovely mama (who also happens to be a photographer!!)!  

See for yourself! 

Take a peek at my other family work HERE and then say HELLO so we can start chatting about how we can work together to create something special for your family! 

Christmas Mini Sessions | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

Are you sad about putting away your Christmas decor? The house always feels so different and so bare when everything gets stored away again. It's a little funny to me because we live our our home 11/12 months without the Christmas decorations, but somehow in the course of 1 month we get so used to the Christmas stuff that it becomes the new normal and we miss it when it's gone... in just 1 single solitary month! 

Anyway, I took down the last of my Christmas decorations today - the holiday cards on display in our kitchen. They're the last to come down every year because they bring so much joy to our day. Getting to see the beautiful, smiling faces of our friends and family each morning, afternoon and night? What could be better?!? 

I bet a lot of the photos on all those pretty holiday cards come from mini sessions (whether they're done with me or other photographers) so I wanted to share some of mine to help give you that Christmas fix you're missing now that the decorations are gone! :)

Ocker's Christmas Tree Farm was the most lovely spot for these sessions and I can't thank them enough. Not only were they welcoming to me and all the families, my family found the perfect tree for our home at their farm! Double win!


 I've written before about my mixed emotions regarding shooting mini sessions (which you can read about here!), but I will say, as long as those cards keep coming, I'm pretty sure I'll always find a way to incorporate mini sessions into what I offer... they're just too special!

Mini sessions are only offered once a year, but full sessions are offered ALL DAY EVERY DAY! Contact me (HERE!) to set up a session for your amazing bunch!