A Good and Perfect Gift

I’ve said it before, but only because it’s so true. Being welcomed into the sweet newborn bubble is one of the best perks that comes with this job. When parents are still figuring things out and not letting just anyone through their doors quite yet, I get to come in and soak it alllllll up. The snuggles and the laughs and the questioning looks of “is this normal” and the yawns that come from being up all night and the “can you get me some water, I’m dying of thirst!!!” that comes with nursing and the dividing up the tasks between spouses as they figure out a system - I get to see it all. AND I LOVE IT.

Having gone through those first days 3 times with my own kids and having those kids grow up (against my strict orders to stay babies forever!!!), I both remember it like it was yesterday and also can’t believe I ever lived like that!!!

My morning with this new family of 3 (sorry Milo. I meant 4!!!) was so much fun. It was equal parts sweet and funny and tender. It truly felt like being with old friends even though it was our very first time meeting!! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to document this time of change in their lives. What a gift!

I can this for you too, by the way. CONTACT ME (here) to chat details and put something on the calendar :)

Moments like this of you and your family deserve to be documented!! CONTACT ME (here) to chat details and put something on the calendar :)

New One, Plus One | In-Home Newborn Family Photography

As a former member of the 2 Under 2 club, I can remember the way it felt to bring home a new baby while still caring for your first baby. Simultaneously exciting and wonderful and scary and exhausting and overwhelming… the fact that I remember it so well made this session very dear to my heart. Well, that and the fact that Lauren said to me at the very beginning how much she loved my relaxed approach to photography and had been looking forward to this session for so long. Yessssssss! Music to my ears!!!

I know we’re going to create awesome photographs together when my clients can tell me they’ve actually been looking forward to their session. Coming into the whole thing with excitement is key! I’m not saying you can’t also feel nervous and/or stressed because that’s certainly very common - hello wildcard little kids who can say/do/eat/destroy anything at any moment!!

BUT! If at least one of the many emotions prior to our session is excitement, we’re in really good shape!

I’m so happy to have been invited into this family for a morning and to have gotten to document the blossoming love for the newest member of the family. From personal experience, I know these first weeks home with a new one, plus one are a COMPLETE BLUR. It makes my heart happy to know we bottled up some of these early moments for the future. <3

If you want to bottle up some of your own family’s love and wonder and joy, CONTACT ME right here!! I’d love to do this for you, too!

Ok, gonna say it one more time, just in case :) If you want to bottle up some of your own family’s love and wonder and joy, CONTACT ME right here!! I’d love to do this for you, too!

THANKFUL | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

In their kitchen was a sign that said "thankful" - it was the first thing I noticed after I finally quit staring at their baby's chubby little cheeks. Oh mannnnnn those cheeks were amazing.... I wanted to eat him right up. And I told him so at least 30 times in the course of our hour together. So stinkin' cute! 


I loved the sign. My biggest desire in life is to be thankful and to be surrounded by people who are thankful as well. To be fair, I knew these guys were my kind of people before I saw that sign because every step of the way leading up to their session oozed thankfulness. They were so appreciative of our schedules lining up and me taking the time away from my family to come to their home for the session. They were thankful for one another and for their beautiful baby. They were thankful for the nice weather and for the pretty light throughout their home. They were so genuinely thankful for all of it.  

I was thankful to be with other people who get it. People who get that all the beauty and wonder and awesomeness of life is available to all of us at any given time. Yes, it's an effort: we have to open up our eyes, look for it and work for it. But it's there. 

And we should be grateful for every single bit of goodness we have in our lives. It's a waste of energy to feel anything other than gratitude, if you ask me. Not because it's "the right thing to do" or because it's easy (it's not!), but rather because it just feels better to look around your home and think "I'm so freaking lucky!!!!" than it does to think anything else. 

Speaking of feeling lucky: I feel so very very lucky to have gotten to spend an afternoon with this trio making some art together. I'd love to do the same for you and your crew! CONTACT ME if you're thinking about some family photos of your own :) 

If you want to see more family work, CLICK HERE. If you want to contact me about your own session, CLICK HERE. If you want to know what real humans have said after working with me, CLICK HERE. If you want me to stop saying CLICK HERE, just click on something already!! 

Brave, Beautiful, Motherhood | Enola PA Family Photographer

Reagan Newborn-27.jpg

I wish I could go into every newborn session and somehow just let the mom know that she's already doing everything perfectly. That babies cry sometimes just because... well... they're babies. That diapers leak sometimes and it doesn't mean she put it on wrong. That all of us fumble around putting onesies on over those simultaneously squirmy and rigid little bodies. Flawless diapers and onesies do not a good mother make. But the way the gaze at their baby every second of the shoot because they simply cannot believe they created something so perfect. Or the way they get teary when they see the baby all tiny and cute in their husband's arms. Or the happy way they tell me, "I just love the way she smells!" THOSE things are oozing with unconditional, grateful, endless love and I think that's what it takes to be a good mama. 

Tina, a local photographer, wears motherhood so incredibly well. Her whole session was just love on love on love. I'm so grateful I got to be a tiny little part of her incredible journey to motherhood which includes not only her adoring husband and the cutest dog I ever did see, but also her incredible sister who acted as a surrogate for their sweet sweet SWEET little baby girl. Most amazing of all, in my humble opinion, is Tina who shines so bravely and so beautifully as a new mom. 

BTW, before you ooooo and awwww over Tina - I'd love to chat with you about capturing your beautiful family and bottling up some of your family's overflowing love. Send me a message right HERE . I'd really really love to hear from you! 


Grace | Newborn Baby Hospital Photographer

Grace Newborn-9509.jpg

I know a lot of people this it's crazy or weird to hire a photographer for their hospital stay. They are afraid it'll be awkward. Or that they won't look good enough. Or that it's just too private of a time to invite someone in, but I just don't agree. I'm a HUGE advocate for hospital photos. As far as looking good - I'll help ya! As for it being a private time? Do you know how many nurses are in an out of your room every few minutes? And the part about it being awkward.... trust me, a nice lady taking pics of your baby for 20 minutes isn't going to be the most awkward part of your experience. :) 

Speaking from personal experience, this a time you never want to forget. I can't think of ANY other time in my life more important and also more of a blur. Think you were too excited/tired/anxious on your wedding day to remember every last moment? Just you wait!!! Think there are a million details from that you never want to forget? Wait til you see your newborn baby!! 

I'll never ever ever ever evvvvverrrrr tire of looking at my own newborn hospital pictures and I will never tire of documenting those first 48 hours for other families. 

You can see more of my fresh 48 sessions HERE and even CONTACT ME if you think it might be something you'd consider. No pressure... just write and ask me all your questions to see if it's a good fit for you. (It is!)