VA is for Friends! | Pennsylvania Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of visiting my college friend and her family recently which meant I was also able to photograph them all together in their home! Our visit was short which meant there was no time to reschedule or move the shoot to a different day if the weather didn't cooperate. And it didn't. ha!

It kinda did in that it could have been worse (raining!), but it wasn't. So that was good! I was a little bummed because it got really overcast and dark which meant we weren't able to shoot inside a ton. But that's ok!!! We were able to shoot outside in their yard, on their porch and on their quiet street though - and I did love love love still getting to document them in those places. 

At home sessions, at least to me, do not mean we have to shoot the whole thing in your house. Shooting in yards, on porches, at favorite spots in the neighborhood - those are all AT HOME to me. They are places that mean something to you, places your family feels comfortable and places that you'll be happy to see when you look at your photos in 20 years. 

Also, "At Home" doesn't mean you need to get every last detail of your home in perfect working order before your session. Nor does it mean you have to have a million dollar mansion. Most homes have just a few pockets of good light and that's all I really need - those are the places we'll use!  Trust me when I say that every home has some magical spots just right for photos... 

and also trust me when I say that I understand that living with kids can get messy. NO JUDGEMENT! 

Interested in your own "at home" session? Contact me here. Or at the very least browse my other work (here!) so you can see how many different homes I've worked in and how each one is beautiful in its own way!