Afterward | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

What do you do with your photos after your session? Let me guess... 

1. you get the gallery and look at it 100 times the first day. 
2. you share it with your friends and family
3. you change your profile picture
4. you talk about, maybe even obsess about, the ones you like the most
5. you say you're going to order prints
6. you get too busy and don't order prints right away
7. you kinda forget about the photos... 
8. a year later they come up in your timehop or FB memories and you start the process alllll over again

I know how it happens. I get it. I've done it. I actually do it all the time... but I'm working on getting better! So, can I make a suggestion?

Order 1 or 2 (or 3!) prints right away. Like same day! You can always order more, but don't feel like you have to wait to place one huge big order. I bet you can find a free shipping code somewhere so it really truly isn't worth it to hold off. Give yourself the gift of seeing your beautiful family every time you walk into the dining room, living room, hallway whatever. 

Then make a quick little coffee table style book of all the photos from the session. Yes, I know you want to make an album for each year and so really you should wait til the end of the year and put these photos in with the rest of them... except no you shouldn't. I mean, you can do BOTH. But it's really quick to just drop all the photos from one session into a book and have it over and done with. 

Printed pictures are enjoyed 10 million gajillion times more than photos on a device. In 2 quick steps you can have printed photos around your house right away. Maybe you'll get around to more ambitious photo projects later, but there's no sense in hiding the pics away on the cloud while you're waiting for that to happen. 

Now take a look at this gorgeous family's mini session and just try to tell me you wouldn't look at a book of these pics with a big ol smile on your face!!!