Still | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

Over the winter "slow season" I made a goal for myself to do a better job honoring the beautiful relationship between parents within my family photo sessions. I know that most couples haven't had any portraits with their spouse since their wedding day and I just don't think it's right! While the main goal of a family session is obviously to capture photos of the FAMILY, I truly believe in setting aside a tiny slice of the session for the parents. The hard work that goes into raising a family doesn't usually leave much time for soft kisses, snuggles or reminiscing about your proposal story, but that doesn't mean those things don't matter. 

In an effort to grow the couples portraits side of my work, these two gorgeously in love guinea pigs, I mean, parents! let me come over to capture them together, in their home, WITHOUT KIDS. The littles ones were making all kinds of noises just on the other side of the baby gates, but you'd never know it... these two are pros! 

I'm not looking to start branching out into engagement sessions or wedding photography... not by a long shot. Prooooomise I'm still your trusty ol' family photographer chic, but I want you to know that I plan to focus more on the love between parents as an extension of what I already do within my family work.

So basically, brush your teeth before we start the shoot :)