Off she goes... | Harrisburg PA Family Photographer

April 2018-2-12.jpg

Photographing my kids is one of my greatest pleasures, for two main reasons.

First, it's just plain fun to get in touch with my creative side and spend time focusing on them. I love watching every little movement trying to get the perfect shot because it also makes me slow down and focus on all the ways they move around in the world. 

Second, I make yearly photo books for our family using these photos. It's a labor of love, but when the books come in every single person in our house (and even visitors) can get totally lost in them. And it's always with lots of smiles. I hear "Oh my gosh, remember when he used to do this?!?!" or "Holy smokes! I can't believe she used to look like that!"

Our minds are wonderful, amazing things, but I'll never stop forgiving mine for forgetting so much about my kids. 

Thank goodness for photos, I guess.