Why must they grow so fast? | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

These little legs used to wobble and bounce instead of run. They used to have big ol' rolls that would squish between your fingers when you were tickling them. They were so different not so long ago. Now they're long and lean and strong and figuring out all kinds of new things they can do. They still wobble occasionally. They still fall sometimes. But they're capable of SO MUCH. 

Why must they grow so fast? Why must these legs change from the lovely squishy-squish into amazing power and grace in the time of a blink? 

They're so beautiful, but I wasn't quite ready to let go of the jiggle and bounce and rolls. I just wanted to savor them a little longer before they changed. 

That's not how it works though. And that's ok. Because look at them now! Look at what they can do! 

But still, why must they grow so fast? 

March 2018-0393.jpg