THANKFUL | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

In their kitchen was a sign that said "thankful" - it was the first thing I noticed after I finally quit staring at their baby's chubby little cheeks. Oh mannnnnn those cheeks were amazing.... I wanted to eat him right up. And I told him so at least 30 times in the course of our hour together. So stinkin' cute! 


I loved the sign. My biggest desire in life is to be thankful and to be surrounded by people who are thankful as well. To be fair, I knew these guys were my kind of people before I saw that sign because every step of the way leading up to their session oozed thankfulness. They were so appreciative of our schedules lining up and me taking the time away from my family to come to their home for the session. They were thankful for one another and for their beautiful baby. They were thankful for the nice weather and for the pretty light throughout their home. They were so genuinely thankful for all of it.  

I was thankful to be with other people who get it. People who get that all the beauty and wonder and awesomeness of life is available to all of us at any given time. Yes, it's an effort: we have to open up our eyes, look for it and work for it. But it's there. 

And we should be grateful for every single bit of goodness we have in our lives. It's a waste of energy to feel anything other than gratitude, if you ask me. Not because it's "the right thing to do" or because it's easy (it's not!), but rather because it just feels better to look around your home and think "I'm so freaking lucky!!!!" than it does to think anything else. 

Speaking of feeling lucky: I feel so very very lucky to have gotten to spend an afternoon with this trio making some art together. I'd love to do the same for you and your crew! CONTACT ME if you're thinking about some family photos of your own :) 

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