Home Sweet Home | Hanover PA Family Photographer

I'm just going to start out by something most people don't say, I love my home. I love love love love my home. I mean, sometimes I kinda hate my house, but I love my home. 

See, our house was built in the 50s and there are a lot of things that need to be fixed. And it's a bit small. And the the bathroom has mint green tile ALL OVER. And we've got kids who manage to damage all sorts of stuff. And the heat can be wonky upstairs. And we never got around to repairing that hole in the bathroom ceiling from 3 years ago. And the decor is a cross between simple/fun/modern and cheap/replaceable/dented. The house isn't perfect. Far from it. 

But our home? Well our home is just bursting with things I love. It has hardwood floors that are pre-marked up so I don't ever have to yell at the kids for being hard on them. It has the BEST light. All hours of the day, gorgeous light. Because it's small, it's really quick and easy to clean. I never lose anyone or anything for very long because you can get from one side of the house to other in 7 seconds. You barely need a baby monitor because you can hear when the kids wake up from nearly anywhere in the house. And when the kids are older and kinda don't want to hang with their parents to watch a movie? Too bad! They'll have to because there's nowhere else to go. Pretty much everything in the home has been created or updated courtesy of our hands - my husband, my dad, my uncle or myself. It's cozy and inviting and comfortable. It feels like FAMILY. It feels like us.

Not perfect, no way.

But this house has been goooooood to us. And I am so thankful for it. 

Wanna send the ultimate thank you to your own home for all the love and support and protection and memories it has given you? Invite me over and I'll show you beautiful it is! Go ahead, MESSAGE ME right now!