Seeing Motherhood | Pennsylvania Family Photographer

Getting to see motherhood in so many different shapes and forms is one of the secret bonuses to this photography gig I've got going here. 

As a mom I often feel bad for the ways I'm not doing things "right" - you know, the way my kids are misbehaving or the way my un-washed hair looks or the fact that your text was read by my 1 year old instead of me and then I never responded. I can certainly see a lot of ways I could be better in my own mothering. 

 And I used to want to apologize for those things to other people because SURELY they noticed them too. All the shortcomings. 

But then I started to realize that when I was noticing other moms, it was never their shortcomings that occupied my mind. I was never picking apart their outfits or critiquing their child's behavior. A kid throwing a fit in a store? That's not the MOM'S fault. Grocery shopping just sucks. For everyone. Her outfit? If anything, I bet I was trying to figure out where she got it and how I could get it too. And her messy bun? Well, can't lie - if I see a messy bun I'm just flat out jealous cause I want to wear my hair in a messy bun SOOOO BAD but they give me headaches and I can't. 

Anyway, the point here is that, I don't really think this community of mothers is out to pick each other apart. I don't see downfalls or failures or messy houses or bags under eyes when I look at other moms. I see magnificent, strong, smart, resilient human beings who have given themselves fully to the grueling and often thankless job of raising the next generation. I see pure AWESOMENESS. And that's all. 

One such example is below, but I'd love to hook you up with this very type of session and proof of your mothering beauty. CONTACT ME here to set up a session. For a very limited time I'm offering mini sessions so if you want info on that, just mention it in your message! You won't regret reaching out, promise!! 


Did I already mention that you can CONTACT ME here to set up a session of your very own? In case you missed it, here's that link again :)