41 emails later... | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

It really, truly, honestly took 41 emails to make this session come to life. Between sick kids and bad weather, it alllllmost felt like we were doomed. In the past I've had people let little obstacle scare them off and the cancelled, but not this family. We just kept rolling our eyes at our luck, laughing it off, sending another email and waiting for the right timing. And we found it! (Well, almost, one kiddo was a bit under the weather, but in the winter, when aren't they?!) 

Thank you to this adorable, loving, welcoming, silly, completely wonderfully normal family for proving how much beauty there is in the every day. Sure, we caught the highlights of their love together and skipped the dirty diapers, snotty noses, serving snacks part, but otherwise, this is them. This is a family of 5 in Central PA. They're not instagram celebrities with a big fancy million dollar home. They're normal people, wonderfully, beautifully normal people who chose to let themselves be seen and let me have creative freedom in order to create some really heartfelt images. 

I hope that next year at this time, or even 10 years from now, this gallery of photos is a little time capsule where they can go to remember these days; where they lived, what they wore, how little the kiddos were, how much they loved one another... what it FELT LIKE to be a family of 5 in 2017. 

(And hey! Just saying, these are some of my favorite images ever, but I don't wanna stop here! Let's do this for your family. Only requirements are that you're normal, live in PA (actually.... I'd love to travel so nevermind) and are willing to let me boss you around/compliment everything about you/your home/your family for a few hours. Not a bad deal, right?? CONTACT ME here Read more about my family work HERE.)

CONTACT ME here to set up a family session of your very own. And read more about my family work HERE