Ice Cream Kisses | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

Friscia Family-1583.jpg

Things I love:

1. Exploring people's homes to help them see the beauty in the place they spend so much time and do so much work. 

2. Laughing right along side parents who simply A D O R E their children and each other. 

3. Getting to document a family year after year after year, seeing their kids and their love (and my art!) grow. 

4. Eating ice cream. 

To say this family checks all the boxes for being awesome, is no understatement. An evening with them always leaves me feeling so relaxed, happy and rejuvenated. And, if you'll let me be cheesy for a minute, they inspire me. It sounds easy in theory to focus on joy, to laugh at the little things and to be present in the moment with your kids.... but in reality it's hard. Life tugs and pulls and it's not always easy to set aside the million other things you have to do or to laugh at that same (nonsensical at best) joke for the millionth time. I want to do it, but it just doesn't always seem possible. These guys though, they are doing a darn good job of reminding me it is not only possible, it's incredibly worth it.  

So I guess I'd officially like to add a number 5 to my list. Things I love should also include:

5. The Friscia Family


Pssssst. Psssst!!! I bet if we met I'd want to add your family to my list too! Does that seem too forward? Ok, well then how about we just plan to add "family photos" to your list of things you love? CONTACT ME! Or at the very least look at more family work HERE