Travis Family | Carlisle PA Family Photography

I went to pick my daughter up from a birthday party and immediately fell in love with their back yard. I already knew I loved the family (or at least the members I met at preschool pickup!), but the back yard sealed the deal. The glowy golden light, tall trees, pretty flowers, family garden and dad playing duck-duck-goose with a bunch of 5 year old girls -it was all I needed in order to know these people were my kind of people. You know, the kind of who care about their home and care about the time they spend with their family in more than just a "pinterest-perfect birthday party" kinda way. 

The thing is, your house doesn't have to be huge and you don't have to have the most expensive clothes to catch my eye or inspire me or be "my kind of people". You just have to CARE. You have to love each other and the life you're making for your children. That's it! :) 

Anyway, I adored my time with this family and hope to spy on them for years to come because I think I could learn so much from them about how to do life right.

And, I've just gotta mention that Jan, the gorgeous mom here, is also the voice behind one of my favorite blogs over at Dwell Happy. If you are interested in living more simply and more fully, I highly recommend taking a peek..

And if you're off looking around at things, might I suggest looking at some more of my family work? :) Just a thought!! Read about family sessions with me HERE or CONTACT me to book your own session!  



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