Mommy + Me | Carlisle PA Children and Family Photography

She said, "I'm not totally sure if my house will work well.. If you're up for the challenge, so are we!" And I knew right then I loved her. I understand being unsure if you're house is right for photos COMPLETELY, but I do love when someone trusts me enough to go for it anyway. Juliana and I both live in a pretty rural area of central PA. There are some mansions and million dollar homes around, but mostly, it's normal people with modest homes that were built a long time ago. This is not to say the houses aren't nice. Oh no no no. Around here, people put so much love into their homes, regardless of size. I see so much character in these homes. They weren't mass produced at lightening speed with zero effort to be unique. Sure some of us have really bold seafoam green tile in their bathrooms (ahem, me!), but the personality and one-of-a-kindness that only comes with time, attention and love.

Spending time with this adorable little mommy + me duo showed me, and hopefully Juliana, that her home is gorgeous. Perfect? Nope. But filled to the brim with love. Giving time, attention and love is clearly something she excels at... with her home and her little boy. Seeing them together felt like a gift. These two make my heart smile.  

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