A Great Little Spot | Harrisburg PA In-Home Family Photographer

Sometimes it's hard to see the forest through the trees. When we look at our own homes it's easy to just see the things that need to be done. The weeds in the flowerbeds, the dents in the wall, the scratches on the fridge, the dirt on the baseboards (who can keep those things clean?!) and the cat hair in every corner imaginable. But when you go to someone else's home, how often do you notice those things? I'm usually too busy loving the cute pictures on the wall or the fun throw pillows or the even just being excited to see YOU to notice the weeds, dents and scratches. AND, if I do notice them, you know what I think? Not "Oh wow, she's slacking." No no no no. I think "Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one!!" 

At this in-home session I was ooing and awwing over the cute little patio scene of a pretty mama, her adorable babe, the speckled light coming through trees and a gentle breeze passing through. I said “This is such a great little spot!” and I really meant it... were there things around that needed fixed up? Maybe. Wasn't looking for problem areas so I didn't notice. 

I think everyone should have a photographer come to their home so they can start to see the beauty again. I promise you, no matter where you live, there are some “great little spots” begging to be seen.