Happy Birthday/Here's To You, Mama | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

You know, they grow from tiny little things that cannot do anything for themselves other than poop and eat into walking, talking, climbing, drooling, clapping, dancing awesome little people. And the amount of growth in that first year is remarkable. Really, truly remarkable. 

You know what's more impressive to me though? The growth of that mama. The one who in just  a year's time went from caring for 1 person (herself) to living and breathing and actually sustaining the life of 2 people (herself and her babe). It's hard to imagine what it'll be like and, in my experience, there's nothing anyone can say or do to adequately prepare you for the transition from being YOU to MOM.

It just takes a lot of time, a lot of practice and a whole heck of a lot of g r a c e. 

So I for sure want to say "Happy birthday, little one!" but even more importantly, "Here's to you, Mama!"