Happy Birthday!

My sweet little girl turned 1 recently and boy oh boy did she enjoy herself! I wanted to keep things simple for her party and cake, but also wanted to make sure it was a little bit special. That poor third child can sometimes get jipped in the "special" department. I've become so much more practical over the years, which I definitely see as a good thing, but I don't want it to turn into "lazy" without me realizing it. The truth is, I love throwing parties and planning fun little details to make it special. It's so funnnnn!!! 

I met and Sarah of Sarah's Floral Designs and was able to get this darling little flower crown. To my surprise she left it on the whole time she ate her cake and even later as she crawled around the yard... messy hands and all. I think this crown was the perfect touch! Thank you, Sarah! 

And, of course, happy birthday to my cutie girl!