All The Mom Posts

Rebecca Sior Family Photography

Anyone else read every single one of those facebook articles about motherhood? Like I'm talking alllll of them? I know some of them are just click bait, but still, I click every time because some of them are gems. Some of them seem written just for me. A dream of mine is to someday be the one who writes that article for Huffpost, but til then I'll share one I read recently and loved. 

Sarah Sandifer got me when she wrote "That is what parenting is all about, isn’t it? The day by day of pouring yourself out for another who needs you, whether you have more to give or not, whether you slept or not, whether you are happy or not. Pouring out grace, pouring your love over them, pouring confidence and bravery over unsure hearts. Pouring redirection and discipline and time-outs, pouring the coffee once again."


Read the rest of her beautiful words here. If you're anything like me, you'll really appreciate her perspective on motherhood. 


"Parenting is good and it is hard, it always will be."


Amen, Sarah.