Eshelman Family | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

This family. You guys! SO CUTE!!! And they were just so kind, relaxed, positive and easy going too. Basically, they were a dream. Oh, and their house: equal parts unique and cozy, historic and modern. I could have spent hours exploring all the thoughtful details. You know, one of the secret perks of photographing families at home (aside from the fact that everyone is so much more at ease), is getting to sneak a peek at how people decorate and organize their space. It's my favorite! Anyway... I'd love to share some of the photos from this adorable in-home family session because it makes my heart happy. Your home doesn't have to be perfect or even squeaky clean to make some magical photos... it just has to be alive with you + your favorite people. Ok ok ok, I also need at least 1 window. But that's it!! 


Addie happens to be a photographer herself. You'll LOVE her work, trust me. Check it out here