Hands Full, Heart Fuller | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

There are at least a million reasons to love the Walker family and this is coming from someone who only met them for a few hours one afternoon... I can only imagine what their friends and family think!! They were so warm and inviting and fun and relaxed and open to whatever I had cooking in my brain... not to say they were robots who just did what I told them. Oh no! You'll notice they also had personality coming out their ears... another thing I happen to love.

I've said it before that I know I'm not the photographer for everyone. If you're looking for a dozen options of a posed, everyone looking at the camera smiling, perfectly perfect photo - click on outta here cause I'm not your girl. Those photos certainly have worth, but I've learned over time that that just is not what I excel at. And that's ok! I'm ok with not being good at everything! So no, I'm not always going to have technically perfect composition and tack sharp focus, but I will have emotion and connection and personality and when it's alllllll just right, your photos will have that thing you can't quite put your finger on that makes your eyes tear up. Helping people feel comfortable enough to be themselves and teasing out the magical little gems hidden inside each and every family is what I enjoy most. And ya know what? It's the thing I do excel at.  

(Side note/Spoiler alert: That thing I'm talking about that makes you tear up in your photos is YOU. Ya know, the essence of you and who you are as a family. But more on that another time.... )

 Anyway.... while I'm talking about loving things, can I just mention that one of the things I love about family photography is getting to dive into a great big bear hug with a family I've just met. I still feel the hugs and high fives and laughs from these awesome people when I look through their photos. I hope they feel as happy as I do when I look them!