Mini Sessions | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

Ok, I’m going to tell you a secret. I am a photographer almost entirely for selfish reasons. I mean I sure do believe in the amazing gift of freezing time and preserving memories for other people. Boy oh boy am I thankful my photographs can do that for you! But the real reason I continue doing this work is because it makes ME so incredibly happy. Something about finding connections within families, coaxing out the sweet, silly and tender moments, watching parents and kids love on one another and getting to manipulate light in order to tell a story - it fills my bucket. I love it. I love the way it makes me feel. So I do this for you, but mostly, I do it for… ME.

In order to really get in there and find all the treasures buried within your family, I like to take my time so we can chat and play and take breaks. I like to meet at your home or your favorite places so that everything in the photos means something to you and so that you are surrounded by all kinds of warm fuzzy good vibes that will help you relax. Do we have to have ALL those things in order to make beautiful photos? Heck no! I just prefer when we can. As you can imagine, mini sessions are tough. I mean, I love a good Christmas card photo as much as the next person and I BEAM with joy when my kitchen is filled with cards featuring the photos of happy families I got to photograph. Buuuuuuut from a personal, artistic, creative perspective, they’re challenging. 20 minutes is plenty long to get you a holiday card photo, but in my heart of hearts, I want to give you MORE.

The reason I photograph families is selfish. The reason I do mini sessions, however, is the opposite. I do them because I know you want the perfect holiday card. I do them because not everyone’s budget allows for a full session. I do them because you want to get photos multiple times a year. Honestly, I do them because you ask me to do them. And I am happy to serve you in that way. Truly.

So please oh please oh please don’t let me talk you out of a mini session. Below you can see a buncha examples of fall mini-session loveliness. BUT ALSO, please don’t mistake minis for the real-deal, full-on, in-your-home, surrounded-by-your-favorite-people, love-fest that is a FULL session.

I’m all for ordering appetizers as your meal now and again, but you’ve gotta make sure you treat yourself to the full enchilada sometimes too!