Wild Child | Carlisle PA Family Photography

I have always been a saver of good quotes - even back in high school I would write down lyrics that I heard on the radio in a notebook to look over later. Back then the lyrics to songs didn't just pop up on my phone while I was streaming them. Mostly because I didn't have a phone sooooooo it was impossible.  

Anyway.... in the age of pinterest I now have my own board of quotes that speak to me. Heavily favored on that board are words of wisdom by Dallas Clayton. I have cried more times than I care to admit reading his books to my children and am constantly inspired by the messages he sends to the world.  

A recently found and newly favorited one that makes me feel all the warm fuzzies about my children: 

You're a peach
You're a poem
You're a piece of the past
You're the perfect position
You're the glistening
glass of the beach
Turned and tumbled
by the swell of the sea
You're the best bit of beauty
a being could be



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