Scooters and Tomatoes and Kisses | Carlisle PA Family Photographer

One of the really awesome perks of this job is that I get to be part of so many different families and learn from so many amazing moms and dad how to walk through this journey of parenting with grace. My version of motherhood has a bit more raising my voice and getting frazzled than I care to admit. I love my kids and I really do try to give them my best, but I have a lot of work to do. We all do, really. Through family photography I really feel like I get to see an awwwwffffuuulllll lot. It's kinda a pressure cooker for kids. There are highs and lows and antics and tantrums and snuggles and sweet parts and salty parts and ALL those parts usually come out and one point or another during the 1-2 hour session. It's the nature of the beast!! Maybe parents don't want their kids to meltdown in front of me, but I secretly love it. I love getting to see that it's not just my kids who lose it, but I REALLY love seeing how other parents handle the inevitable tantrum. Or how they embrace the antics. Or how they show up for the unique personalities/needs of their kids. And most definitely how they continue to love one another every step of the way. 

Let's just say these guys could write a book on how to do all the things. They are such an inspiration for me... not just saying that. The way they love and care for one another - I can learn a lot!! 


Want to teach me all your parenting secrets? Or at least just laugh together about how crazy life with kids is?! CONTACT ME so we can get to it. And feel free to peruse more of my FAMILY WORK in your spare time (ha! you're a mom, you don't have spare time!).