Brave, Beautiful, Motherhood | Enola PA Family Photographer

Reagan Newborn-27.jpg

I wish I could go into every newborn session and somehow just let the mom know that she's already doing everything perfectly. That babies cry sometimes just because... well... they're babies. That diapers leak sometimes and it doesn't mean she put it on wrong. That all of us fumble around putting onesies on over those simultaneously squirmy and rigid little bodies. Flawless diapers and onesies do not a good mother make. But the way the gaze at their baby every second of the shoot because they simply cannot believe they created something so perfect. Or the way they get teary when they see the baby all tiny and cute in their husband's arms. Or the happy way they tell me, "I just love the way she smells!" THOSE things are oozing with unconditional, grateful, endless love and I think that's what it takes to be a good mama. 

Tina, a local photographer, wears motherhood so incredibly well. Her whole session was just love on love on love. I'm so grateful I got to be a tiny little part of her incredible journey to motherhood which includes not only her adoring husband and the cutest dog I ever did see, but also her incredible sister who acted as a surrogate for their sweet sweet SWEET little baby girl. Most amazing of all, in my humble opinion, is Tina who shines so bravely and so beautifully as a new mom. 

BTW, before you ooooo and awwww over Tina - I'd love to chat with you about capturing your beautiful family and bottling up some of your family's overflowing love. Send me a message right HERE . I'd really really love to hear from you!