Sink full of Bubbles

We take photos for a million different reasons, all completely valid. My main two reasons are just to celebrate all things pretty and to remember the stories within everyday life. When I get to do both at the same time, WOAH!!!

This session was both to celebrate the beauty of this family, their home, their love, their baby girl, their pups, their humongous rhododendron bush hahaha - all things pretty! It was also to bottle up the story of Amanda bathing her sweet girl in that sink for the last time. After years and years with a sink full of bubbles, it’s nice to move on to the next step. Which is good! It’s great! The future is bright! We have so much to look forward to as our kids grow up!!!

But this time, right now, we can never get back. And it’s special and important and it matters, too. Knowing I have photos to help me remember always helps saying goodbye to the fleeting magic of childhood a little easier.

Just a little.

Due to the nature of sink bath photos, I’m not sharing those here, but I can tell you it was every bit as adorable as you imagine it! Thank you Amanda for inviting me to your home and into your family. It was an honor!! <3 If you want to bottle up a story of your own, reach out to me HERE!

How about we do this, but instead of it being someone else’s family, let’s do it with YOURS! Contact me HERE and we can chat about your very own session!

All of Us Together | Camp Hill Family Photographer

When asked where you’d go if you could go anywhere, do you ever just want to say “HOME”? Because that’s my answer. Time and time again. I could try to change my answer to be more cool and adventurous, but I can’t think of a single place I’d rather be than just quite simply, with my family. Even better if it’s in our home.

Call is sad or lame or pathetic or unworldly or unadventurous or whatever you may, it’s my answer. And I can’t change it. Nor do I want to…

I’m never happier than when it’s all of us together. Home is my happy place!

If I had to guess… I’d say home is this family’s happy place as well. Every inch of their home and every second of the time we spent together was bubbling over with pure joy, acceptance and love. See for yourself!

And maybe even touch base with me about getting photos of your happy family in your happy place :) Contact me HERE!

New One, Plus One | In-Home Newborn Family Photography

As a former member of the 2 Under 2 club, I can remember the way it felt to bring home a new baby while still caring for your first baby. Simultaneously exciting and wonderful and scary and exhausting and overwhelming… the fact that I remember it so well made this session very dear to my heart. Well, that and the fact that Lauren said to me at the very beginning how much she loved my relaxed approach to photography and had been looking forward to this session for so long. Yessssssss! Music to my ears!!!

I know we’re going to create awesome photographs together when my clients can tell me they’ve actually been looking forward to their session. Coming into the whole thing with excitement is key! I’m not saying you can’t also feel nervous and/or stressed because that’s certainly very common - hello wildcard little kids who can say/do/eat/destroy anything at any moment!!

BUT! If at least one of the many emotions prior to our session is excitement, we’re in really good shape!

I’m so happy to have been invited into this family for a morning and to have gotten to document the blossoming love for the newest member of the family. From personal experience, I know these first weeks home with a new one, plus one are a COMPLETE BLUR. It makes my heart happy to know we bottled up some of these early moments for the future. <3

If you want to bottle up some of your own family’s love and wonder and joy, CONTACT ME right here!! I’d love to do this for you, too!

Ok, gonna say it one more time, just in case :) If you want to bottle up some of your own family’s love and wonder and joy, CONTACT ME right here!! I’d love to do this for you, too!

When You Need It the Most | Mechanicsburg PA Family Photographer

Last year I started a project where I took a self portrait of me and my three kids together once a month. I will admit I didn’t finish out the year with my goal, but that’s not the point! The reason I share is that in the time I was doing those self portraits I learned something important.

The days I was struggling.
The days I didn’t want to be in a photo.
The days I felt like a bad mom…

those were the days I needed to be in photos with my kids the most. When I took the time to be creative (for me creative time is always soul-filling!), to be happy (forced or not!) and to focus on the kiddos (without any distractions), I almost instantly felt better.

But that’s not where the goodness ends, because later I actually SAW the photos.

I saw their little arms around me.
I saw their smiles.
I saw MY smile.

I saw how much they love me, imperfections and all. Not every individual moment of motherhood feels amazing, it just can’t! So, having tangible proof that I can look at and SEE THE LOVE… It’s priceless!

Often times we think the best times for photos is when the kids are perfectly happy and we’re in a great place feeling good about our weight and our hair and our home. But I don’t know. I think the best time for photos doesn’t actually exist. Every time is a good time for photos. It’s easy to agree to them and sign up for them when you’re rockin at life. But don’t count out the magical healing powers love-filled images to have on an open heart that could use a little TLC. Just sayin!

If you’re thinking your heart could use a little photo-magic-TLC, reach out HERE and/or check out my other family work HERE!

Life Lessons Taught By My Dishwasher

Inspired by my favorite podcast, 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms, I present 3 of my very own takeaways that may seem silly, but in reality are quite profound! At least to me :)

Life Lessons Taught by My Dishwasher

  1. It’s all in how you think about it! And your thoughts can change! One teeny tiny shift in thinking is what got this whole obsession started and finally made everything click for me. You just need to stop thinking of your dishwasher as something that gets run only when it’s jammed full. Instead your dishwasher is something that gets run every night. It doesn’t have to be crammed full. I’d argue that it shouldn’t be! The routine isn’t “Put it off, put if off, put off - I think I can fit something else in and now it’s finally so full I can’t possibly fit something else in so I run it in the middle of the day. And when there are dirty dishes they wait on the counter til the load is done. And then when it is finally done I have a ton of dishes to put away AND more dishes to go in (that are gross by this point)... except I don’t have time to do it because I need to cook dinner. So it waits til after we’re done eating and now there are even MORE dishes.” Nope. I run it at night. I empty it in the morning. Then it’s just waiting for dirty dishes to go in all throughout the day. The task never gets out of hand or feels overwhelming. It’s so easy to maintain!

  2. Nothing’s as hard as it seems. I used to spend so much mental energy dreading emptying the dishwasher. And then one time I timed myself. It took less than 3 minutes from start to finish. Knowing that, I have since gotten myself in the habit of just getting it done and over with. If I can get up and do it right away, the dishwasher takes up 3 minutes of my mental energy. TOTAL. FOR THE DAY. If I put it off I can waste hours of my mental energy thinking about how much I don’t want to do it, how I really should be doing it, how the dishes on the counter are so gross, how someone else should be helping me, blah blah blah. OR I can just do it right away and it’s done in no time and I don’t go down that big old rabbit hole of negative thought.

  3. One small act can have BIG ripple effects. I’m not just being goofy and saying that getting my dishwasher under control changed my life! This one little act, setting up the routine (that I program the dishwasher to run while we sleep and empty it first thing in the morning) paved the way for SO MUCH goodness in my life. The obvious is that the kitchen isn’t gross. I wake up to a clean sink, there aren’t dirty dishes sitting around during the day, everyone is more helpful putting their own dishes in the dishwasher (because it’s easy!). BUT also, on a much bigger note, I start my day moving forward, not playing catchup from tasks that weren’t finished the day before. I used to wake up already feeling behind in my day, but no more!! Now I feel in control. I have started to opportunities for small shifts in other places (laundry for one!). I am at peace because my surroundings aren’t in disarray which means my brain can focus on the other million tasks I need to accomplish as an artist, business owner and mother. I feel empowered because there’s nothing I can’t do! I’ve got a clean sink - LOOK OUT WORLD!!!