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29 March 2016

Mommy + Me | Carlisle PA Baby Photographer

I met Erin a few years ago when she was a mom to one adorable little guy. Now she's grown from a dream client with 1 little into a dream client + dear friend with 3 littles. She has been one of my strongest supporters and encouragers in the photography world AND the mom world and I don't know what I'd do without her. I feel so so so so sooooo lucky to have met her and somehow convinced her to be my friend. This session took place in her sweet little home with her sweet little last baby. We wanted to document the tender moments between the two of them before she officially transitions into the next (and equally as awesome, right?!) part of motherhood with big kids instead of babies. Love you Erin. Thank you for this experience and million other things too!

19 March 2016

Baby A | Newborn Hospital Photographer | Fresh Baby Session

I know I've said it before, but hospitals seriously are one of my very favorite places to take photos. I'm usually all about natural light, the golden hour of the setting sun, open shade and other nature-y things, but I make an exception for hospitals. It doesn't seem logical, but it's true!

My best guess is that the pure joy bursting out of the new family trumps the paper towel dispenser in the back ground. The totally smitten look between a mom and her new baby overshadows the plastic bracelets everyone is wearing. And the baby toes... well... who can even notice the multicolored outlets and plugs when there are tiny newborn toes around!?

Every year when my kids have a birthday, I sit back and look at the photos I have from our hospital stay. Sure, the posed ones we got later are cute, but these ones... well they speak to me in a personal way. The photos bring back all the amazing memories from the perfect day we welcomed new life to our family. I hope that these photos do the same for this beautiful family.

Congratulations on your perfect addition, Overs. I sincerely hope you reconsider my request for you to have 100 babies because you're really really good at it. :)