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01 July 2016

Confetti Inspired Ice Cream Birthday Party | Carlisle PA Event Photographer

I'm so excited that my daughter's 4th birthday party was featured on Kara's Party Ideas! :) I worked really hard on her party, and even though I was 38 weeks pregnant at the time, I managed to pull off one of my best parties yet. For me, party planning is the most fun thing! I love searching online for diy projects and finding ways to adapt and make them work for me. I always try to include at least one or two ways the birthday girl can contribute too - in this case she colored all her invitations! You can see Kara's feature here, but I'm sharing some of my favorite details as well. :)

A million thanks to my awesome friend at Studio Pep for the confetti, tassel garland and balloons and Blessed Blondies for the sparkly cake topper! The other items (like lollipops, tattoos, spoons, ice cream poppers) were picked up random places along the way.

08 May 2016

DIY Flower Photoshoot Backdrop | Spring Mini Sessions

Although it's not typically something I offer, this year I decided to do Spring/Mother's Day mini sessions for my friends and family. When choosing a location I knew I wanted to do it indoors because PA springs are beautiful, but they're also temperamental, unpredictable, rainy and cold. Instead of risking it outside, I opted to bring the best part of spring indoors to my in-home studio (aka living room!). The backdrop turned out just as I imagined and was pretty simple to create. If you have a free hour, you should totally give it a try too!!

First, I purchased some inexpensive fake flowers at the local craft store and removed the blooms from the stems. Next, I used a nail to poke holes into some cream colored seamless photo backdrop paper. These holes were placed randomly around on the paper as I didn't want to worry about spacing or straight lines!

Next, I used a hot glue gun to secure the flowers into the holes. With just a dab of glue on the base of the flower, I was able to push the little nub on the flower through the hole and easily hold the flowers in place.

Repeat that process until you use up all your flowers and you're all set!

Last, recruit some cute little models and have a blast!